Kids' care is not only about immunizations and routine check-ups. It is also about ensuring that they are getting the right nutrition for their growth. Most of the children tend to become picky when choosing what to eat. ... The best paediatrician will make sure that the kids get the recommended daily amount of nutrients.

Paediatric doctors work with you to offer advice, prevent illness, and help you foster a healthy lifestyle for your child. They also treat acute (critical) or chronic (long-term) conditions, such as asthma or diabetes. The more you know (and remember) the better you can care for your child at home. Reliable, Trusted and Affordable Paediatric Care. Speak Directly with a doctor through Video/audio/chat with a Children's Specialist.

Medicop24 offer 24-hours care, particularly appealing when a child is sick but may not need an emergency care.